Sophia Grace is completely unrecognizable in her new music video.

The viral sensation who became a household name after appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show almost 10 years ago, debuted a new, more mature look in the video for "Can't Sleep." Grace, 15, can be seen sporting braces, baggy clothes and long, polished nails in the rap video.

She touches on her new appearance in the song, sending a message to everyone who want her "to be the same as I was before." Grace raps, "I'm different, and that's not who I am.

"So I want to show people that I'm a different person now and that I've changed, but that's OK because everyone changes," she says early in the clip.

Grace continues, "I can't sleep, stayin' up, wakin' up, rollin' 'round, gettin' up / They want me to do what I do but I can't do it anymore / Stay in your lane, who is she, what is she, no control no control / Stay in your lane, feel like I'm a caged animal."

Check out the full video below:

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