If you think that getting your kids to eat healthy is a lost cause, think again. Here are some tricks to get them to eat some good, healthy food.

This article should say that these are tricks to get your kids AND Louie G to eat healthy. I feel like I am in that category. If you trick me...which isn't hard to do...I will eat just as good as your kids.

According to EatThis.com, one of the best ways to get your kids to eat healthy is to make sure you all sit down together for dinner at an actual DINNER table.

A recent study found 80% of kids who were at a healthy weight regularly do it.  Only 55% of kids who are overweight do.  Here are five more ways to get your kids to eat a little bit healthier . . .

1.  Let them serve themselves at dinner, even when they're young.  It helps them learn portion control better than if YOU decide how much they get.  And they're also more likely to try new foods.

2.  Put away the electronics while you eat.  A recent study found distracted eating makes you consume about 10% more calories.

3.  Use smaller plates and bowls.  You've probably heard that one before, but it works even better on kids.  One study found adults eat 16% more when they use big bowls instead of smaller ones.  And kids eat up to 52% more.

4.  Don't reward them with unhealthy food, like promising to get McDonald's if they're good.  It just reinforces the idea that eating fast food is a positive thing.  And a recent study at Texas A&M found dads do it more than moms do.

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