In May, according to the United States Geological Survey, several mid-atlantic states including Maryland, Virgina, West Virginia and Washington D.C.were reporting several incidences of sick and dying birds. The reports describes these bird with eye swelling and crusty discharge.

The USGS lists the birds affected to include European Starlings, Blue Jays, American Robins and Grackles among others. And recently the number of states affected has increased to include states like additional reports have been received from Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, among others.

One of the things my wife and I do at our little plot of land at the campsite we have a travel trailer on in Bradford County Pennsylvania, is feed the birds. We have a couple of sunflower seed feeders, a suet feeder, thistle seed feeder and a couple of hummingbird feeders.

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The recommendation for people who have wild bird feeders in the affected states like Pennsylvania where I camp, include discontinuing feeding wild birds until this incident ends. Also the USGS asks that if you have a bird feeder and/or bird bath, you clean them with "10% bleach solution (one part bleach mixed with nine parts water), rinse with water and allow to air dry."

So, I guess the 40 pound bag of wild bird seed I just bought won't be used in my bird feeders at camp in Pennsylvania until this whole thing subsides.The USGS  recommends that If you come across any sick or deceased wild birds, keep your pets away from them and contact your state's wildlife conservation agency.

via United States Geological Survey

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