A company out of the UK has developed a device that could help bring more people back into the office. The device reportedly goes off if you're within six feet of another person. But is it necessary? Is there still any good old fashioned common sense anywhere, or is this the wave of the future?

The NY Post reports that the gadgets were designed by a group called Pathfindr, and are selling fast as companies are trying to integrate more and more employees back into the work space. Basically, the device beeps out loud if you're within six feet using ultra-wideband technology, according to Pathfindr's chief technical officer.

If there are any other devices nearby, it sends the message back, calculating how far that other person is away and if you’re within two meters it emits an audible beep.

Now imagine hearing beeps back and forth all day while you work? Sounds like it could get annoying, but this is what some work spaces are looking at to reopen. Can't people just look out to see if they're getting too close with their own eyes?

The future workspace could look very different in a number of ways, as some engineers are working on new hands-free operated doors. other companies have looked to check in on stay at home employees by using private investigators.

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