One of the best ways to protect yourself from diseases is by washing your hands.  But how long do you have to do it to make sure it's done right?  Use this method...

Hand washing is on everyone's minds these days (as it should have always been...).  With the coronavirus spreading so quickly, health officials are urging everyone to make sure they're washing their hands often...and doing it well.

So how do you know how long to wash them to make sure you're cleaning them well?

The old rule of thumb was to sing Happy Birthday to yourself twice.  They figure the chorus of that song (if sung twice) is about 20 seconds long which should be plenty of time.

But let's be honest...there are a lot of songs that have parts of them that are 20 seconds long.  Someone on twitter went to the trouble of compiling a few of them for us...

If you REALLY want to be safe, sing the Buffalo Bills Shout song.  Even if you do the "Hey eh eh eh" part 2 or three times, you should be safe.

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