I know this is going to sound like my parents, but when I was a kid we used corn on the hook to go fishing.

I also understand that I am not an  outdoors-man at all.  If I want some nice fish, I just go to Wegman's.

But, the part of the picture that I find funny, is that this particular bait is the 'highest quality.'  I would think, a worm is a worm to a fish.

If you are a hunter or a fisherman, I can hear you laughing at me right now.  And, I am sure you are saying that the fish I get from the grocery store was caught by a fisherman using 'high quality' bait.

I just want you to know that I am writing this blog very lightheartedly.  I just can't see myself standing in the river with a fishing pole or sitting in a tree stand looking for deer.