What an impression he made, to quote the Baha Men, "Who Let The (Bat) Dog Out", as man's best friend ran onto the field and interrupted the at-bat for Cavan Biggio. Rookie apologized and all was forgiven.

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So that leads us to this question? When the Binghamton Rumble Ponies return to Mirabito Stadium next year, should they get a bat animal too? Instead of a bat dog, get a bat pony named Rumble.


Riding to the plate is faster and easier than walking to the plate. The batter is already wearing a helmet, so they could just hop on.

A pony is loyal and won't judge the players when they strike out or are in a batting slump.

Ponies are good luck. They have four horseshoes and we all know that's lucky.

They could give pony rides during rain delays. Anything to make a little extra cash.

When the manager gets thrown out of the game, Rumble could come out and give him a ride back to the dugout. He could also let the umpire know what he thinks by leaving a little present on home plate on the way out.


They like to graze so make sure that they don't find their way to the outfield.

They can smell. That reminds me, what has four legs and flies? A sweaty pony in the summer.

As you can clearly see, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. So Giddy-up and let's get a pony.

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