Cyber Monday is a great time to shop HUGE deals without ever leaving the house, or the bed... or maybe the bathtub haha! I prefer it 100% to Black Friday shopping (which I don't participate in) because you get A LOT of free shipping and excellent deals, and you don't have to go to a crazed mall!

But it's not all good. With Cyber Monday, comes hackers and credit card thieves ready to scam you in anyway they can think of (& that's endless sometimes). There will be scams from everything of fake website, tracking hacks to selling products they don't actually have.

Well like most of the time, Wild 104 is here to help you!!! The smarty pants over at IBM posted a bunch of tips to help make sure your identity doesn't get stolen if you shop online today.

Steve Frost via ThinkStock
Steve Frost via ThinkStock

Here are just FEW tips!!

1. Don't save your information - Sites will want to save your info for future use, DON'T DO THIS!!! Sometimes websites get compromised and don't know it for months, so it's even risky with websites you think you can trust.

2. Careful about coupon codes or links to deals - You should copy and paste any coupon codes into the actual website to be safe, and don't click on any links sent to your email that you don't know about.

3. Never use your work email - You should also never use the same password you use to SIGN IN to your work email.  If the wrong person gets your work email AND password, your company could get hacked.

4. Look out for fake package-tracking emails - This can happen over the next few weeks and experts think there might be a flood of them next month. If you click the links, hackers could get access to your computer or your financial info.

5. Opt for credit over debit - Use credit cards instead of debit card, when possible. Credit cards offer consumers more protections if the card is compromised, and won't impact your checking account during the holiday season if there's an issue.


Here are a few more tips to help you stay 100% safe today!!


[VIA: PRNewswire ]

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