A production company is searching for an authentic run-down 80's style farmhouse and barn to be featured in a movie being filmed here in CNY.

The production company says the ratty farmhouse should be furnished with '80s appliances, wallpaper, decore, long hallways, and exposed beams. The barn needs to be run-down with overgrown foliage for a creepy and scary atmosphere.

Filming is set to begin in April 2020. CNY Central reports:

The movie, directed by Nathan Crooker, will detail the story of a teenage girl kidnapped by her neighbor.

If you are interested in having your farmhouse or barn featured in the film, contact James Fazio at james.faziot@gmail.com. For more information, contact Eric Vinal at (315) 952-5801 or evinal@visitsyracuse.com.

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