Former Binghamton University student and convicted killer, Orlando Tercero still has one more appeal to try to get a lesser sentence in a Nicaraguan prison for killing fellow B.U. nursing student Haley Anderson. 

HALEY ANDERSON (Photo: Facebook)
HALEY ANDERSON (Photo: Facebook)

Tercero’s appeal in a Nicaraguan Court March 10 was denied and the 30-year sentence for femicide upheld.  The 23-year-old claimed psychiatric issues and lack of evidence for the appeal of his November conviction and sentencing.

Anderson’s family was able to speak to the court and Tercero in a satellite hookup from the Broome County District Attorney’s office and said Tercero never has shown remorse, only regret that he will be denied his freedom.

Anderson was strangled to death two years ago in Tercero’s Oak Street apartment in what prosecutors say was the Nicaraguan-national’s anger over his former girlfriend rejecting him.

Tercero still has ten days to appeal to a higher court in Nicaragua.

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