Selena Gomez is teaming up with Freeform (aka the old ABC Family) and producer Aaron Kaplan to create a new television show that's being described as a “Latina Empire.”

The show will reportedly be “set in a low income Latino neighborhood and told through the eyes of an 18-year-old girl destined for greatness,” according to a report from Deadline. Based on this description alone, it's unclear what they mean by the whole Latina Empire comparison, as Empire follows the drama surrounding a music mogul, his entertainment company and family, but sure.

Selena has no plans to act in the show, but she has signed on to executive produce the project with Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment.

Ana Cobarrubias, a Los Angeles-area high school student, has been brought on to serve as a consultant for the series. It's a move that makes sense, considering it was a speech made by Cobarrubias during The Zimmer Children’s Museum Discovery Award Dinner that inspired Kaplan to undertake the project in the first place.

Cobarrubias spoke about her low-income neighborhood and the trials and circumstances she was forced to overcome in order to make a difference. Kaplan later spoke with Freeform’s EVP programmer Karey Burke before the two brought the idea to Gomez.

The forthcoming show, which is still seeking a writer, sees Cobarrubias one step closer to fulfilling her dreams. She wants to pursue a career in cinematic arts, where she plans to “create films that explore what really happens in low income neighborhoods and who we really are." Head over to Deadline to watch her speech in full.

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