There is nothing better than a quick, cheap lunch. You're hungry in the afternoon and don't want to spend your lunch hour waiting for a meal.

You want to eat, and you want to do it now!

The $5 footlong sandwich from Subway was a quick and hard-to-mess-up option for those on the run looking for something filling.


The catchy jingle and meat filled delight that only ran a few bucks may be no more.

It completely depends on your local Subway.

According to a Subway spokesperson each franchisee has the option of continuing the $5 meal or not. This announcement is due to the slim margins owners made off the quick and cheap bite.

So the $5 footlong may be no more at your local Subway sandwich spot!

It does look like new products like paninis are on the way. Its just sad I'll never get to sing that catchy jingle anymore!



[via USA Today]

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