Last week, three-year-old Gracie Wilson from Henderson, KY, thought she was meeting a celebrity. Little did she and her family know that by this week, she would be famous! When miss Gracie saw a white bearded older gentleman eating by himself at Bob Evans, she was concerned he had no one to talk to. She, of course, had spotted the world-renowned Santa Claus.

After making sure Santa didn't mind chatting with a 3-year-old, Gracie's mom, Lindsey Wilson witnessed her daughter have a candid discussion with Santa.

Gracie’s mom, Lindsey Wilson, told TODAY Parents


“They just sat there, having a conversation like they’d known each other for years,” said Wilson. She told him she liked his outfit. She had her cowgirl boots on and he told her he liked them, so she told him she liked his boots, too. And they talked about 'Frozen,' 'Doc McStuffins' and 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates."


The Henderson, Kentucky mom says that as the conversation wound down, Santa asked his classic question. Gracie’s answer, she says, totally surprised her. “He said, ‘Well, Gracie, I have a serious question to ask you — what would you like for Christmas this year?’ She looked over at me and said, ‘Baby James.’”

Gracie was talking about her unborn baby brother. A BIG task, even for Santa!

14 WFIE caught up with Santa at one of his mall appearances. Santa said that Gracie was, “quite a special young lady.” He also made her a promise, saying, “I am gonna have a few surprises (for her) this year.”

Hopefully, she will receive all she wishes for. So far, the sweet story has been shared by The Today Show, the Huffington Post and more national news outlets.

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