Sam Smith and Logic's place of worship could be featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous — the duo's new video for "Pray," the third single off of Smith's The Thrill of It All, is religion at its ritziest.

"They never know my struggle / Rose above the rubble / Rather live inside the bubble then go through the trouble / Of having their double double vision corrected / They just neglected it," Logic raps in the video below as images of ornate chandeliers, beautiful dancers and...a horse?...cycle across the screen.

Oh, and did we mention the whole thing kicks off on a luxury speedboat?

Meanwhile, Smith delicately croons "Maybe I'll pray / I have never believed in you, no / But I'm gonna pray."

Smith told Billboard in October that the track was inspired by a revelation he had in Iraq while working with the War Child charity organization.

"I spent five days in Mosul and came back embarrassed that I had known so little about the world and other people's lives," he said. "I went back to that great Nina Simone quote, that it is important to speak about the times you live in. I hadn't done that; I'd just written a bunch of songs about love. So I wanted to write about how I'm now starting to open my eyes, at 25, to what is going on in the rest of the world, and that it's not always pretty."

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