One Direction will be a five-person band again — for one night only.

The reports that the remaining members of the band will not replace Zayn Malik still hold up, but Niall Horan has repeatedly asked pro golfer Rory McIlroy to join the boys during an upcoming performance.

Niall, who was at the Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia last week, served as a caddy for Rory — and asked the golfer to return the favor by joining the One Direction men at a show.

"That was part of the deal — if I went on the bag with him, he would come onstage and sing with us," Niall said in a video shared by Irish Mirror. "He's playing in the Deutsche in Boston at the end of the summer and we're playing in the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough at the same week so we're going to get him up."

Niall said Rory won't dance during the performance, but he will sing — and he'll choose his own song.

"We got quite a few mutual friends," Niall said of his friendship with Rory. "We met about three or fours years ago and we've become good friends and stuff like that."

Niall is a golf enthusiast himself. "I've been playing since I was probably maybe ten or eleven," Niall said of his golfing experience. "I love golfing. It's definitely one of my favorite sports."

We know that Niall has a bit of golf talent, but does Rory also have some musical ability? We'll have to wait to see for ourselves. Till then, Niall warns us we shouldn't expect much. "Apparently he's terrible," he said.

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