BH Contracting was founded by Robert “Bob” Harlost in 2015. Bob’s hometown is here in Binghamton, and where he currently lives with his family. As a Veteran, Bob understands the importance of service and commitment.
After years of working for other contractors, Bob noticed several common issues between them and their customers. Quality was missing. Service – real service – was missing. Both of these were nothing more than sales pitches and catch phrases. Excellence was missing. Bob believed there had to be a better way. Better work. Better service. Better ideas. The industry needed change. And with this in mind, he decided to become the change he wanted to see and BH Contracting was born.

At BH Contracting we have a simple philosophy: Take care of people, and we will be taken care of. From employees, to sub-contractors, to our customers – we must treat them all with respect, kindness, honesty, and fairness. BH Contracting provides impeccable attention to detail and quality work in each and every job.

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