Waverly in Tioga County joins the list of Yellow caution zones in New York State’s coronavirus micro-cluster outbreak map.

New York Governor's Office map
New York Governor's Office map

The designation means new restrictions on the size of gatherings for church and private events, a limit of four people seated together at restaurants and bars and mandatory COVID testing in schools.

Tioga County has been noting a large increase in the number of positive tests for the coronavirus over the past ten days. It now falls into the state’s Micro-cluster strategy with the Waverly area especially having a 7-day average positivity rate above 4 percent and an increase in new daily hospital admissions.

A majority of recent exposure advisories from the Tioga County Health department have concerned businesses in Waverly or just south of the border in Sayre, Pennsylvania.

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Meanwhile, Steuben County has been removed from the Yellow Zone based on its declining and low positivity rates.

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