Public restrooms are a place a lot of people are obviously avoiding, so you're going to have to go somewhere if you're out for the day? You may think your options are limited. Go behind a tree? If that doesn't sound like your thing, this just may be the answer.

Disposable urinal bags? Well, according to data from Profitero, the Amazon search rank for “Travel John disposable urinal bags” has increased five times between early May to ealry June. Have you ever had the pleasure of trying one of these? They're already popular with hose going on cross country trips and for campers.

An article from Chicago Business says that urinal bags use chemicals to turn liquid into an odorless solid that can be easily disposed of if you're out on the road. They have several brands; such as Travel John and Pee Buddy (yes, that's a real company) they make bags both for men and woman.

if you think this isn't for real, a public relations head for Travel John's parent company says that the demand is so great that they've "temporarily paused our social media promotions as we increased our production to keep up with the demand,

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