Summer Fan Showdown is a month-long competition on PopCrush to determine this summer's most dedicated fan base.

The first round of Summer Fan Showdown is over, and yes, the competition is heating up: One Direction and their devoted Directioners narrowly dominated against Twenty One Pilots's Skeleton Clique with just 50.1% of the vote, while TWICE's ONCE stormed right through Justin Bieber's Beliebers with over 52.01% of the vote. But which fanbase moves on to the semi-finals?

They might not be together at the moment, but there’s no denying that the boys of One Direction — as a troupe or solo — are still killing it in 2017. From Harry Styles‘ acclaimed debut solo album to recent efforts from the likes of Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, One Direction is still all over the charts like always — and their faithful Directioners will follow them any which way they go. But will they push the band through to the second round?

On the other hand, there’s TWICE — South Korea’s hottest girl group export at the moment. Month after month, the troupe ranks highest as the most recognizable brand in the country, and it’s easy to see why: with infectious bops like “TT,” “Knock Knock” and “Signal” at hand, they’ve smashed the charts with their bubbly charm and cutesy choreography. But will their fanclub, ONCE, get TWICE rolling right through to Round Two?

The battle starts now: place your vote between One Direction and TWICE. This round ends on June 16 at midnight.

This round is now over. Vote in the semi-finals!

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Summer Fan Showdown Bracket 2017

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