Is it possible that this professor was fired for being too good at his job?

What is the most difficult class you have ever taken in school? If you didn't do well was it you fault or the teacher's fault?

I feel like we've all blamed our short comings in school on a teacher at some point. We've all used that that excuse in some way. Either we thought the teacher was out to get us or picking favorites there a several excuses students have in the back pocket. We have all had subject's in school that we have had trouble with, right? Imagine failing a class and then finding a way to blame it on the teacher in some way.

What about the class being impossible? Does that excuse seem realistic. It's an excuse that some students at New York University tried to use on a professor recently.

two glass flasks with orange and black solution in chemical science laboratory background

According to the New York Post, an NYU professor may have been let go after complaints that his class was too challenging. The chemistry teacher came forward after his termination believing that this must be the reason for his firing. According to the Post, over 80 of his students signed a petition claiming his organic chemistry class was too hard. The students blamed him for his failing grades.

The teacher was let go after the petition surfaced last spring.

After an evaluation, the school apparently found several issues with his class stating that his was one of the worst in the entire department.

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