A New York State Trooper wen above and beyond for a family who ran out of gas on the roadway along I-81, an hour outside of Utica.

With so much negativity in the news, it's always great to read something uplifting. That's just what this story from Cortland County is - and it restores your faith in good people.

Trooper PJ Colson of Homer was on his routing patrol when he came upon a vehicle with a family of three that ran out of gas on a busy stretch of I-81 in Cortland County. In these circumstances, an officer might wait with a family until AAA arrives, but that wasn't good enough for Trooper Colson.

Credit: NYSP Facebook
Credit: NYSP Facebook

Instead, Trooper Colson drove to a gas station, used his own money to fill up a gas can and came back to get the family back on the road. Hopefully, this family will remember Trooper Colson's good deed, and pay it forward.

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This is a good time to remind you to 'Move Over' when you see a vehicle pulled off the road. Not only is it the law in New York State, it keeps officers like Trooper Colson safe while they're taking care of other motorists.

Our hat is off to this Trooper for going above and beyond to take care of this stranded family.

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