We've seen some of the scary videos of athletes and even fans becoming completely unhinged during the heat of the moment and resort to physical violence against an official. While we all may boo and curse at poor calls some of these referees or umpires may make, this is never, ever a pretty scene.

Now, this sort of offense against sports officials may result in serious jail time. Senator Rich Funke of the 55th District recently reintroduced the bill, and wants New York to adopt a zero tolerance policy against harassment and assault against sports officials. WROC reports that attacks on officials have become an increasing issue across the state. 

The bill states that physically assaulting an official would be a Class D felony and could mean up to seven years in prison.

Human error is a part of athletic competition. It’s also a part of being an official. Let’s respect it, let’s put sportsmanship back into sports and let’s move on from there.

The bill was actually first introduced in 2012.

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