Are you like me and a bit confused exactly when businesses and other services will be back open? I suppose it can be, especially when you get conflicting answers from sources from all over the place, including social media, which is always correct, right?

This past weekend, while I was at camp in the beautiful, but snow covered Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, I was made aware of how the state is moving toward re-opening. They split up counties into red and yellow zones. Red means continued full on closures and yellow means certain businesses can open with restrictions in place. It makes sense.

Not every county in Pennsylvania is happy about their designation. I watched a report from one of the local Scranton television stations - WNEP 16, do a story on how Wyoming County officials were not happy that they have remained a red county, given the small amount of coronavirus positive cases reported. There was a protest going on in one of the towns to re-open businesses. I can understand their frustration, as we all are going through the same issues.

As far as New York is concerned, Governor Cuomo had stated the New York on Pause would expire at the end of May 15th, which is this Friday. According to CNYCentral, there had been some confusion that New York had extended the shutdown to June 6th.

The report goes on to state that last Saturday, Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor, reiterated that May 15th is still the target date. If a region has hit all the benchmarks required by the state, you are good to proceed. The Southern Tier of New York has reached those certain benchmarks as set forth by the state government needed to reopen.

via CNYCentral, WNEP 16Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor

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