New York on Pause may have some feeling a bit lonely and isolated. Do you want to stay safe, but be able to meet someone online? If you don't know the best way to go about meeting someone in a world where there's a major pandemic going on, you might be in luck.

If it kind of sounds like some corny old 80s era dating show, it sort of is, only with a modern social media twist. Long Island native Tyler Cohen and Jimmy Parenteau wanted to start a televised dating show, but COVID-19 changed everything.

Cohen had moved out to San Fransisco to work for Yelp in January where he met Parenteau.  So, they had to improvise. They moved the show to Instagram.

NBC says the two show creators have received more than 450 applications from singles so far. NBC describes it as kind of The Bachelor meets Tinder.

We’re building community here. I think, even if we don’t start relationships, being a part of something during this time is super important for your overall sanity and mental health.

The SFchronicle says the show started March 19, and is now in its third season.

Couples who meet can maintain their online relationships and then hopefully meet once the shelter-in-place order is lifted. The Chronicle says that the show is shot from the participants’ online cameras and then edited mostly by Cohen and Parenteau.

And one more thing - instead of roses, couples play for toilet paper. If you're single and want ever wanted to be on a dating show, give it a show. Why not?

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