It's been said the bigger the storm the brighter the rainbow. The coronavirus is the biggest storm this country has seen but the rainbows are even bigger thanks to one New York mom.

Kristyn Dayter is a dental assistant who is in quarantine with her husband and 7 month-old son in Scotia, New York. She started the 518 Rainbow Hunt as a fun way to get outdoors with your family and be socially distant.

What began as a request to put rainbows in windows and share photos so those in the neighborhood could look for rainbows has turned into a nationwide hunt after going viral.

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Kids are getting creative, using everything from chairs, toys and stuffed animals to their hands.

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Adults are being inventive too.

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Homes are lit in rainbow colors

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Businesses are jumping on board.

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The pets are getting involved.

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It's not just on homes. Rainbows can be seen on street signs.

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On bridge overpasses.

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In the woods.

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Rainbows have spread out of 518, with pictures coming in from not only across the country, but from around the world. "To see where it started and where it is now is mind blowing," says Dayter.

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