New York State is known for its beauty especially when the leaves are changing colors. The Keystone State is also known for people leaving but it might surprise you to learn that it ranks in the middle compared with the other 49 states.

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By ratio, in 2021, New Jersey was #1 (not a huge surprise) when it comes to people moving away followed by California (no surprise), West Virginia, Illinois and Maryland. Pennsylvania came in 9th and New York came in 19th by ratio.

I was a little surprised that New York wasn't higher on the list but I think I know why. More on that in a moment. By ratio, New Jersey lost a WHOPPING 54% with California losing 49%.

More People Moving Out Of New York Than Moving In

New York "only" lost 20.1% in 2021 and I know why and it has to do with New York City. Just like almost everything else, NYC skews the overall New York State numbers including elections.

The Big Apple is more liberal than Upstate New York and many people wouldn't mind if the two were separated. However, that's a story for another time. So why did New York only lose around 20% by ratio?

More People Moving In New York City Then Moving Out

For the first time in over a half-decade, more people moved in than out and it wasn't by a little bit. In 2021, New York City had 86% more people moved into the city than left it. I find it hard to believe but that's what the research has shown.

At first, this seems SURPRISING until we realize that so many people left the Big Apple during the pandemic. Things are beginning to return to normal and the residents are returning too.

The study says that it's due to the high vaccination rates and people that hunkered down elsewhere are returning. I would have thought with the rising crime rate in the city, would keep people away and maybe it did.

What We Love About New York

So people are moving everywhere it least for now. Here's a question I have for you - If a friend of yours wanted to move to the 11th state in the Union, where would you suggest and why?

New York has it all so there is something for everybody to enjoy whether you're a cow girl or a city slicker. Go to our Facebook page to let us know.

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