After months in quarantine, more activities and businesses across central New York are opening back up. Governor Cuomo announced during his briefing on Sunday that campgrounds would be able to start reopening Monday, May 25, with new restrictions in place.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente reiterated Cuomo's allowance Sunday and said all county campgrounds that are permitted for the year will be allowed to reopen May 25. Campgrounds that are not yet permitted will go through an expedited with the Oneida County Health Department starting Tuesday.

Earlier this month, Picente said that Oneida County campgrounds would not open before June 1.

"I do not care if I lose your support, approval or vote, Picente said. "I only care that we do not lose more lives."

Although campgrounds will be open, there will be new restrictions and guidelines to ensure the health and safety of campers.

All common recreation areas, such as pools, campfire pits and dining areas will remain closed, and bathrooms must be cleaned hourly, although campers are encouraged to use their own bathrooms, if applicable.

Picente said campsites should be at least 2,500 square feet and campers must follow all CDC guidelines, making sure to socially distance and wear a mask when unable to do so. Only registered campers will be allowed at campsites, so no visitors will be allowed.

During his daily briefing on Sunday, Cuomo also said New York professional sports leagues could start training camps immediately and veteranarian offices will be able to reopen on Tuesday.

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