New York State Attorney General Letitia James has put out her top ten list of 2019 fraud hits. 

Oli Scarff, Getty Images
Oli Scarff, Getty Images

James kicked off Consumer Protection Week with the tally that, not-surprisingly, puts internet related scams at number one with 4,436 complaints followed by consumer fraud for things like tech repairs, immigration scams and bogus security systems at 2,650 complaints and automobile buying, leasing and service at 2,510 complaints for the top three.

Rounding out the highest number of complaints for fraud, shoddy or incomplete services are:

#4 Landlord/Tenant Disputes (security deposit leases, tenant-harassment)

#5 Utilities, including wireless and residential phones, energy servers and suppliers and complaints against cable and satellite services.

#6 Credit, including debt collection, credit card billing, payday loans, debt settlement and identity theft.

#7 Retail sales of clothing, food, rent-to-own, online orders or any goods

#8 Home Repair/ Construction for services not delivered or done poorly

#9 Mail Order and Online Catalogs and

#10 Mortgage scams including loan and broker fraud, foreclosures and mortgage modifications.

The Attorney General’s Office is available to field complaints by calling (800) 771-7755 or completing an online complaint form. 

Information about several regulations and laws can also be found at the New York Attorney General's website.


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