Bigfoot is a big deal in Upstate New York. From tons of sightings to researchers scouring the mountains looking for signs of the beast. Bigfoot is bigger, no pun intended than ever.

There is an investigative reporter and documentary filmmaker named, Joshua Rofé who has teamed up with New York director, David Holthouse for a brand new documentary about a really...and I mean really crazy bigfoot story. It's dropping today (4/20...insert your stoner jokes here) on HULU.

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The documentary is called "Sasquatch" and it's a three-part series about the legend that a bigfoot that lives in the Northern California wilderness and has been murdering pot farmers in the so-called "Emerald Triangle" of marijuana growers.

The documentary sets out to learn why people would believe outlandish rumors in the first place. Apparently, people believe that Bigfoot likes to snap the flowers off the marijuana plants that grow as large as 10 feet tall and eat them. Large footprints have been found around the pot fields where the plants have been eaten.

So, the story that Joshua Rofé and David Holthouse are investigating is that a Bigfoot in the "Emerald Triangle" in Northern California is a serial killer. The dismembered bodies of four men were found near the pot fields. Their arms and legs were ripped off and their body parts were strewn about.

Some people believe it was the work of a mythical beast, while others believe it was nothing more than a decades-long turf war between the growers that have grown deadly.

Whatever the story, if you're a fan of Bigfoot legends like I am check out "Sasquatch" on HULU.

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