New Yorkers may not have gotten their pot made legal, but possession of small amount of marijuana will not carry a criminal penalty.

Close-up of young woman in sunglasses smoking a marijuana joint

The state Senate and Assembly wrapped up final work for the session early June 21 with one of the final bills passed in the Senate in the wee hours being a measure that eliminates criminal penalties for possession of less than 2 ounces, or 57 grams, of marijuana.  People caught with small amounts of weed, however, would still be subject to a fine since possession of marijuana that is not prescribed for medical use is still illegal in New York.

The State Assembly was voting to pass the legislation hours after the Senate vote.

The bill also allows for the expungement of past low-level marijuana convictions.

That bill was advanced after efforts to legalize marijuana for non-medical purposes went up in smoke over continued questions about regulation, taxation and law enforcement of things like driving while under the influence.

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