If you already thought Mariah Carey's video for "I Don't" was fire, you really have no idea.

In a new interview with BuzzfeedCarey said she was committed to symbolically setting a wedding dress on fire at the end of her latest project. She'd first thought of the idea while filming the "We Belong Together" video more than a decade ago, but was talked down by Brett Ratner, and while she finally got her way in 2017, she said it didn't go exactly as planned.

"Honestly — I don’t know if anyone knows this — the red dress I was wearing almost caught on fire when I was walking around it!" she said. "I was just pacing and I couldn’t help it! I was in the moment, darling!"

Oh, darling.

And, on the topic of "I Don't," Carey made a point to say that the song is definitely not an extension of her iconic "I don't know her" moment, though many fans have been wishing it is.

"No! I wasn’t thinking of it! But I guess some people want to keep it going!" she said.

What is very real, she noted, is her new relationship with Bryan Tanaka, with whom she recently posed in the hot tub.

"Um, have you ever seen me in the bathtub with anyone else before?" she said.

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