A man whom many animal advocates say has a history of abusing and neglecting animals, is turning down a chance of a lighter sentence for at least some of the charges against him.

39 year old John Elmer has rejected a plea deal after sick and dead animals, including four foxes, were found on property in the Town of Sanford.  The Binghamton man appeared in Town of Sanford Court June 18 for a pre-trial hearing and has another hearing set for the end of July to take up the case involving the foxes.

In April, 11 animals were seized from the Hawkins Road property.  The carcasses of some goats were found at the site along with cats, sheep and an emaciated donkey.

FOX 40 reported Elmer had also been arrested in 2005 on 86 counts of felony animal cruelty.  In that case, 48 animals were taken from property in the Town of Windsor where Elmer reportedly lived.  Officials said the felony counts were reduced to misdemeanor counts.

Following the latest discovery in Sanford, Elmer was arrested on Clinton Street in Binghamton.

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