Halloween is less than two weeks away, which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner (five weeks away).

The colder air is working its way into New York and even though there will be a mini warmup this weekend and into early next week, that doesn't mean that we will be sticking with warmer temperatures for the foreseeable future. Winter will be here soon, which means the holiday season.

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New York State is one of the best, if not, the best state in the country to celebrate Christmas.

The reason for that is due to the weather we get here and the towns that make up this state.

New York gets all four seasons and with both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario to our north and west, that means we have quite a few areas that get a better chance for a white Christmas, because of the lake effect snow machine.

The towns that make up this state also put a ton of hard work into the holiday season. Some of these towns look like they would be perfect for a Hallmark Christmas movie and in some cases, have in fact been the backdrop for those movies.

The holiday shopping season will begin soon but if you're smart, you should start working on those shopping lists now and not wait until December.

The holiday celebrations in these towns are amazing and are perfect for a snow-filled shopping expedition.

Here are the five most magical Christmas towns in New York State.

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