Mac Miller, who died in September at age 26, received a posthumous Grammy nod on Friday.

The rapper's fifth and final album, Swimming, was nominated in the Best Rap Album category by the Recording Academy. It's the first nomination Miller has ever received.

Miller is up against Cardi B, Nipsey Hussle, Pusha T and Travis Scott in the category. His fans, including his mother Karen Meyers, are hopeful he'll win.

The "What's the Use?" rapper was pronounced dead at the scene in his San Fernando Valley, California home on Sept. 7. An autopsy was ordered, which later determined his cause of death to be "mixed drug toxicity." Fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol were in his system when he died.

Miller's death has been categorized as an accident.

The musician spoke openly about his drug use and depression in the past. In a chilling interview with Fader, Miller spoke about the possibility of overdosing, saying it was "not cool."

"I'd rather be the corny white rapper than the drugged out mess who can't even get out of his house," he said at the time. "Overdosing is just not cool. There's no legendary romance, you don't go down in history because you overdosed. You just die."

In 2015 Miller was interviewed by Larry King. At the time, he said admitted he had a drug problem at one point and said his drug use and mental state were related.

"I had a drug problem for a long time," he said. "It wasn't just in music, but I definitely was going through a drug problem and I think it was more my state of mind. I was just pretty depressed."

He continued, "I think it started [with success]. It's funny, because you talk to people, and they say, 'What do you have to be depressed about? You have money.'... Fame is tricky because you read what's said about you, and you know what you know to be true, and the lines start to blur."

Mac Miller Through the Years

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