Today (November 28) Spotify released two new Mac Miller recordings as part of their on-going Spotify Singles franchise. Both tracks were recorded live at Spotify's New York City studio before Miller's tragic death in September.

As with most Spotify Singles releases, the two-track EP contains a live version of one of the artists' recently released album cuts or singles and one live cover. First up is an "acoustic" piano-led take on Mac's "Dunno" off Swimming, his last album from earlier this year. The second track is melancholy, minimalist take on Billy Preston's uptempo 1974 hit "Nothing from Nothing."

While Miller's album version of "Dunno" features synths and electronic blips in its production, Mac's vocals over nothing but gorgeous keys gives the track a haunting quality. Additionally, The brevity of the "Nothing from Nothing" cover, along with Mac's soulful crooning, makes it an intriguing, nostalgic moment.

The two new recordings could be two of Miller's last. Listen to both tracks on Spotify here.

Mac Miller died suddenly on September 7, 2018, at just 26 years old. Miller passed after overdosing on a deadly mix of fentanyl and cocaine.

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