Young people exploited for sex.  People of all culture and ages exploited for labor, kept as slaves.  The January 28th edition of the weekly, local public affairs program Southern Tier Close Up delves into the hidden issue of human trafficking and the misconceptions about it.

Safe Harbour Supervisor, Quinn Singer says the Binghamton area is not the only community where a good number of residents really don't believe the dark world of trafficking exists.

Singer says traffickers many times look for young people who are having problems at home, are homeless, have issues finding their identities or are exploring their own sexuality to prey on.  She says they offer "love", gifts and other things the victim thinks they need before demanding pay-back.

Singer talks about signs to watch for, what young people and adults should know in order to deal with their issues, recognizing people who do not necessarily have the best intentions when they say they can provide safety and love, and how people can report suspected trafficking activity.

Safe Harbour offers advocacy, case management and basic needs as well as can present educational information at schools and community groups.

You can hear all about human trafficking and Safe Harbour's history in Binghamton on Southern Tier Close Up Sunday at 6am on Wild 104.

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