As I was headed to my dentist appointment earlier this week, I had a lot of time to think. My dentist is in Elmira, so it's about a 2 hour round trip. Why do I go to a dentist in Elmira? Long, boring story. Not worth explaining.

Anyway, on the trip west, I was thinking about how much has changed in the world around us, just in my short lifetime. I was born n the mid-1950s and if you think about what the world was like back then, compared to now, it's mind-boggling.

For example, the way we shop is so much different. In the past, you shopped only in a local store. Of course, you can still do that, but with the internet now available to all of us, shopping online quickly became big business, and it sucked me right in. I got hooked on purchasing items first from eBay.

Then it was Amazon, and now just about every business offers online shopping from businesses locally, nationally, and around the world. Ordering food online from local restaurants is a popular thing to do as well.

Amazon purchases came through various delivery services, and now we are seeing Amazon trucks all over the Southern Tier delivering packages. They've certainly been to my home a lot lately.

But, what if you need to return a package delivered from Amazon? Well, there are convenient ways to do just that. Unknown to me until recently, there are places you can go in the Southern Tier to return an item purchased from Amazon.

There are counters and lockers at certain locations where you can return packages, and we found the ones listed on Amazon's website as well some other places as well.

We got the idea to look at our local locations after seeing an article by Jonah with WRRV in the Hudson Valley.

Here are some local places to return an Amazon package:

Binghamton Area Amazon Return Locations

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