Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is done with Twitter after receiving "toxic" comments online.

The 22-year-old actress announced she's taking a break from the social media site due to negative remarks about Riverdale, her co-stars and her relationship with Cole Sprouse.

"Do people on Twitter ever get tired of being so negative and disrespectful to literally everyone and everything? Are they really that miserable?" Reinhart wrote Sunday on Instagram Stories.

"There's hate everywhere. But especially on Twitter," she said. "Taking a break from that toxic site and the people on it who feel the need to constantly attack me, my cast mates, my relationship, and Riverdale."

Reinhart had a message for those spreading negativity online.

"Hate to break it to you online trolls: Spreading your hate and overall negativity online won't make you any less miserable," she said.

Reinhart, who is dating her Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse, boasts over 2.3 million followers on Twitter alone. She said in the October issue of Teen Vogue she purposely keeps her relationship out of the spotlight.

"I keep my relationship private because it's just between two people, and that's the way it should be," the star said.

"It's not like I'm trying to dangle my relationship in front of people's faces like, 'you don't know anything about us.' It's just, you don't need to know," she elaborated. "People feel like they're owed that, and you're absolutely not owed anything by me."

Riverdale stars Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Sprouse as Jughead Jones, KJ Apa as Archie Andrews and Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge. The series is in its third season on The CW.
By Annie Martin, UPI.com

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