The new Roseanne reboot debuted last week to a record-breaking audience; it was so popular, in fact, that the show was instantly renewed for a second season.

I think it was pretty darn good, and I never even watched the original version.

You may have noticed how similar the Conner house looks to the original. While it all may look original, one part of it most definitely is not: John Goodman claimed last week on Jimmy Kimmel that the original Conner couch is in the Smithsonian.

That may have been a joke, or he was just misinformed. Either way, TMZ tracked down the real couch. It’s actually maintained by the curator of the Museum of TV who stores it in a climate controlled warehouse.

Sara Gilbert reached out to ask if they could use the couch on the reboot but apparently they couldn’t come to an agreement that worked for everyone.

And so the couch remains… all alone… in some LA warehouse.

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