You thought that you were just going to have a low-key Thanksgiving. The kind where you might just pick up a couple of pre-made turkey dinners from the grab and go section of the grocery store. You thought that you were going to camp out in sweats on the couch and watch movies in between naps.

And then your in-laws called.

Now your super informal Thanksgiving plans have been turned upside down. Your in-laws have decided that they're coming to YOUR house THIS Thursday and that they're bringing grandma Joan and grandpa Frank with them. And you know that they're going to silently judge you and your "lack of decor" and then gossip about you on the ride home and while you kind of don't care, a part of you does.

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What can you do to make your house and dinner table look like you just Joanna Gaines-ed it with only three days until Thanksgiving and no time to do anything but grocery shop? Amazon Prime to the rescue!

If you purchase any of these items before 5 p.m. this evening, they'll show up at your house by early Wednesday at the very latest giving you enough time to decorate before your company comes.  You're welcome.

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