The NFL is trying to market to a younger audience and this weekend offered a chance to kids watch playoff football on their terms on Nickelodeon.

Of course when you try something new there are bound for things to go wrong, including allowing kids to hear some adult language.

Check out this video of a player dropping an F bomb during coverage on Nickelodeon.

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Chicago Bear player Cordarrelle Patterson was caught uttering the cuss word on the referee's mic as the ref explained a penalty.

Warning that this video contains NSFW language.


Outside of that one issue, the coverage of the NFL playoff game got high marks from parents and kids alike on social media. From slime filled cannon shots in the endzone to kid superstars explaining the rules of the game, it looks like this could become a weekly thing. Even Saints head coach Sean Payton got into the action getting slimed after the victory.  


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