Kids are now unhappy with their mom and dad using their phones too much. Parents are using them too much during family time and dinner time.

Well played mom and dad, well played! I have seen kids all over the place at different restaurants glued to their phones, while parents pleaded for them to put their gadgets down.

Now, kids are getting a taste of their own medicine. According to the Daily Mail, more than a third of kids say they've asked their parents to stop looking at their phones and checking social media during family time.

And about one out of seven kids say their parents text, make calls, or use social media during dinner.

Now . . . even with all that being true, it's not like it's ONLY parents staring at their phones.  The survey also found some kids spend TEN HOURS a day on their electronic devices during weekends.

Who would have thought that all you needed to do was a little reverse psychology.

[via: Daily Mail]

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