The first full week in December is "Christmas Tree Week" and the big rage this year seems to be the brightly colored live Christmas tree. I noticed last year that more people were putting up a real Christmas tree for the first time in a long time so it makes sense they might go a step further this year.

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With all the bad news that seems to be coming at us in every direction, we need something to give us a smile. It seems natural that we would want to put up a vibrant-looking Christmas tree. I love the way that they look.

We are tired of feeling anxious and uncertain, so we'll try almost anything different that will make us feel good. Remember that the kind of Christmas tree you get says a lot about you.

What Your Christmas Tree Means

Vague evergreen smell: You bought a healthy tree.

Strong evergreen smell: you sprayed it with Pine-Sol.

Cutoff top: You forgot to measure the door and your Christmas tree.

Charlie Brown tree: You root for the underdog, or you waited till the last minute to go and get one...I'm guessing the last is the real reason.

Smelly tree: Check it for dead birds or (like last year) a live stowaway owl.

If you are a little squeamish and want to know what else could be "living" in your Christmas tree, go here.

By the way, if you are looking to buy a brightly colored Christmas tree, here are some of the places locally that you can go to. 

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If you're thinking about buying an artificial tree, you may want to buy it now because it could be hard to find later this month. Here are some other things that may be hard to find. 

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