Remember when we said summer was on its way? Well… things changed.

The forecast on Tuesday April 10 suggested that we may finally be getting a glimpse of warm weather with Friday being in the high 60’s and Saturday being in the high 70’s

However, according to that report has gone to crap, with Saturday’s weather now being reported to be cloudy with a high of 58 and Sunday having a high of 43 with early morning showers.

And to make things even more miserable, the 10 day forecast for next week is looking pretty bleak. Wednesday and Sunday are reported to be the warmest days of the week reaching a hot and spicy… 56 degrees. Not to mention that there isn’t a single sunny day in the forecast with Tuesday expected to the coldest day of the week at 38 degrees.

BUT! Have no fear!

Today it’s supposed to reach a fiery 70 DEGREES. So roll down your car windows and blast the radio, maybe warm weather will be here to stay by July...

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