Last week I wrote about my dog Charley, who has started having some problems with his back legs.  Thank you for the kind words from those who passed them along, he's doing well.  We went to the vet today, and he prescribed some anti-inflammatory pills to try.  I'm hopeful about the results, but I think the instructions on the prescription label are just too funny!

The instructions:

matty j

Give One Tablet Daily for LAMENESS as Needed

Lameness! Well that just seems mean.  Big deal, he liked 98 Degrees better than N'Sync.  I think we all were a little Lachey crazy back then.  So what if he still has a Myspace profile,  Facebook has that whole 'real people only' policy.  My dog is not lame!  Yes, I'm glad I didn't run out and buy a Chevy Volt like he suggested, but to be fair, we should all be driving electric by now.

So I can't exactly stick up for anywhere or anything he likes to lick, scratch, or eat, but I can say that about lots of my friends, and they aren't LAME!!!

Dr. Veterinarian, maybe my dog is having some trouble getting around, but there's no way he's suffering from LAMENESS.