Josh Peck and Drake Bell are teaming up on another TV project, but it's not a Drake & Josh reunion.

ET Online caught up with Peck at the 2019 Kid's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday, where he spilled the beans about the project he and Bell are currently working on.  Peck revealed that the new show isn't exactly a reboot of their old Nickelodeon show, but is "just  an opportunity for Drake and I to be working together again."

"Obviously we love each other and we  were able to make such an impact on people [with Drake & Josh], so any chance to  do something dope together, it's really exciting for me," Peck said. "It's going to be good. Y'all will like it."

He delved further into detail, telling ET he and Bell are going "for a Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis" vibe with their new show. He promised it'll be the "same guys, but in a whole new set of scenarios." Peck said he's unsure right now when the show will premiere, but said it's in the  works, which is reason enough to get excited.

"I don't know [when it's premiering]. We'll see! ... It's exciting and it's in the works," he teased.

Speculation about the duo teaming up on a new project intensified after Just Jared Jr. reported that they  were seen meeting up in Los Angeles at the Viacom building. Viacom owns Nickelodeon, which is the network that gave viewers Drake & Josh. It was unclear, however, what the two were doing there.


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