The Village of Johnson City is preparing for the possibility of several inches of snow by telling residents to get all cars off the streets if they can.

The Village says the winter alternate side of the street parking rules are still in effect 24 hours a day and there is no parking on red line streets or snow emergency routes after 2 inches of snowfall, but if vehicles can be moved into driveways or parking lots entirely, it would help with snow removal and the passage of emergency vehicles through narrow residential streets.

Officials also warn that it is illegal to blow or shovel snow back onto the road.  People doing so are subject to fines.  Vehicles parked in violation of the ordinances are not only subject to ticketing and fines but could be towed.

All Johnson City parking lots are free all day March 2nd and March 3 to help with the snow removal efforts.


All residents and businesses located near fire hydrants are asked to make an effort to clear around the hydrants to help fire departments find them in an emergency.

Also, when clearing snow, residents should be aware of where exhausts, like dryer and furnace vents are located, and avoid blocking those areas with snow.  Doing so could result in deadly carbon monoxide build up in a structure.

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