Girl, get off your damn phone—Jay Sean is trying to ask you a question!

Featuring production by Rock Mafia (Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez) and Cory Enemy (Sia, Snakehips), the hip hop and R&B star asks "Do You Love Me" on his latest tropical-infused banger, a pop track so smooth it could slide right off the dance floor.

While the song itself is romantic, the video is less so, featuring a social media-obsessed girl (portrayed by real-life Instagram It Girl and model Ciara Hanna) who spends her entire day forgoing tangible human contact for likes and comments. A humorous commentary on our collective digital insecurities and desire to connect with others from behind our phones' screens, "Do You Love Me" suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

"This video is very different from all of my others. I wanted to create a conversation about our growing obsession with social media and how it takes over everything in our lives," Sean reveals about the clip in a press release.

"This story is about a girl who can't get past her own phone even in the middle of a lit party. The love affair is with herself... reflected by the phone and all the social media platforms she uses every day," he adds.

Watch below:

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