Jake Paul's song "Litmas" has racked up over 16 million views on YouTube since it came out in 2017, but according to a group of music producers the popular track shouldn't be fully credited to the YouTuber because he stole their work.

As TMZ reports, Erik Belz, Jonathan Pakfar and Shane Abrahams are suing the 22-year-old for copyright infringement, claiming the song's entire backing music was taken from their track "Bad Santa," which they produced in 2015. According to the trio, Paul was in the same studio as them on multiple occasions and heard the track. The suit claims "Bad Santa" is "original, unique and specific in terms of pitch, register and overall use," which can all be heard in "Litmas." The plaintiffs are asking the court to pull Paul's song and give them a portion of the profits.

A rep for the YouTube star is denying the producers' legitimacy. "This is absolutely without merit and once again, a feeble and disturbing attempt at using the U.S. legal system to gain notoriety and relevance through frivolous legal claim," they said. "Jake's legal team is handling the situation and looking forward to exposing the frivolous action for what it truly is."

This isn't the first time Paul's been in legal trouble. Last year he was sued for forgery.

Pop Stars Hit With Music Lawsuits

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