An ongoing "crisis" forced officials from the Hudson Valley to take this "major step."

Sullivan County lawmakers announced the county is taking a "major step" to address the ongoing emergency medical services (EMS) "crisis"

Sullivan County Approves "Fly Cars"


On Thursday, lawmakers unanimously approving the funding of four staffed “fly cars” throughout the County.

Four "fly cars," SUVs that can carry EMTs or paramedics to emergencies, should arrive in Sullivan County later this year, officials say. The fly cars don't carry patients.

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If you're a fan of Back To The Future, sadly these are not the flying cars featured in the films.

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“Fly cars are a faster, less resource-intensive way of getting care to the scene of a medical incident,” Sullivan County Public Safety Commissioner Scott Schulte stated. “These vehicles will be stationed in strategic locations around the County, supplementing existing ambulance services so that we can rapidly respond.”

What Does A Fly Car Look Like?


Below are photos of the "fly cars" coming to Sullivan County and more information:

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Officials say this move was made because some residents have had to wait for "an hour or more for an ambulance to arrive."

SeniorCare will be paid $5.4 million over two years to provide four “fly cars” to Sullivan County.

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Each "fly car" will have an EMT assigned to it 24/7. Two vehicles will be capable of Basic Life Support. Two will be capable of Advanced Life Support.

“Ambulances will follow every call a fly car is dispatched to,” Schulte added. “The fly cars will not compete with our local corps – they will not ‘steal’ calls, and if a corps is able to respond, we will defer to them.”

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